On OITNB’s Weird Antisemitism

tumblr_nq42x0OSsM1ttx10do1_500I have to say, I’m pretty unhappy with the third season of Orange is the New Black. Before watching the season, I was perusing Tumblr (as is my wont) and came across a few posts that discussed the presence of antisemitism in Piper Kerman’s original text, specifically as it pertained to her dismissal, imitation, mockery, and overt hatred for a character identified as “Levy,” “a tiny French-Moroccan Jew who claimed to have been educated at the Sorbonne.” Not having read Kerman’s memoir, I was surprised by this, but the original poster elaborated that “Kerman reserves special loathing for Levy, and she is totally up-front about it. She not only doubts Levy’s academic credentials, she also imitates her accent in English” (which she does not do in the cases of other accented individuals). Kerman also casually referenced Polish ghettos in her discussion of Levy, the original poster stated.

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American Horror Story Freak Show: “Curtain Call” (13)

Previously on Spoooooky Glee American Horror Story Spooky FuckingGlee: It doesn’t matter. No fat ladies sing this episode, but fuck it, it’s finally over, for really and for true. The writers don’t give a fuck, so why should I?

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American Horror Story Freak Show: “Pink Cupcakes” (5)


This week on Spoooooky Glee American Horror Story: handsome, well built men have their sexiness undermined by the nastiness that is period-appropriate underwear (you broke cinéma vérité re: time for a Fiona Appel music number, but you couldn’t put these handsome boys in something sexy, Ryan Murphy?), we learn that television is the death of culture, and we talk about how capitalistic wealth is sociopathic. Join us!

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